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JSA or Jobseeker’s Allowance is a benefit offered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Under this section, an individual receives an amount of at least £56.80 a week while he/she searches for a job. There are two types of JSA:

  1. Contribution based and
  2. Income based.

The kind of allowance one receives is decided by Jobcentre Plus.

The Contribution based JSA is granted for 182 days, and after this period you might receive the Income based JSA. Child tax credit or Child Benefit is not affected by the JSA.

Those who are receiving a low income are entitled for the Income based JSA. You will need to inform Jobcentre Plus if your situations change. This might affect the amount of allowance you receive. A change can be that you start working, or your income changes. You might be committing a Benefit Fraud if you fail to inform Jobcentre about a change in your circumstances.

Eligibility for JSA include:

  • A candidate must be over 18, but below the State Pension age. Those who are 16 or 17 might be allowed exceptions under certain conditions.
  • A candidate must not be under a full time education programme.
  • One must be available and able for work.
  • The working hours must be below 16 hours a week.

About Jobcentre Plus:

Jobcentre Plus is an organisation under the DWP which is responsible for the working group, and for those seeking employment, in UK. One must visit the Jobcentre office every two weeks to keep receiving the JSA. The agency analyses how you have been searching for a job and its progress.